BiteMe!StoryMode Demo

How To Play

The basics:

The card game is played with the mouse, or touch screen. The card game can not be played with the key board or a controller.

On your turn you can click any card in your hand to select it. Once selected you can click it again to see the cards details. Click a slot on the table to play the selected card in that slot.

You have to play at least 1 card each turn and you can play more cards if there is enough room on the table.

Once each turn you can click the power card on the right side of the table, to use your special power. 

When you play a card or when your side of the table is full, a "end turn" button will show up. Clicking this button will end your turn. Each card on the table will now attack the cards directly in front of it, dealing their attack value worth of damage to the opponents health.

After all cards have performed their attack, the cards will move 1 slot to the left, if possible.

This repeats until one of both players runs out of cards, losing the game. If both players run out of cards at the exact same time, then the player who took the last turn will be the winner. 

Card skills:

Cards with an icon on top of the card, between their health and their attack value, have a special skill. Cards with a fist, will trigger their skill as soon as the card is played, while cards with a skull trigger their skill when they are destroyed.

To know what each card does, click them during your turn. Cards on the table only have to be clicked once to see their details, but cards in your hand need to be selected first. 

Using those skills wisely makes all the difference between winning and losing.

Power cards:

Power cards van be used over and over again. Once used, they will be tabbed (turned over) for the rest of the turn. They can be used again the next turn. 

Power cards always target random cards or all cards. This means you have to be careful when using your power card. Using it at the wrong time will be in favor of your opponent. 

Each time you level up, you unlock a new power card. You can equip your favorite power card in the main menu. The main menu is not available during the card game, so make sure you equip your power card before you start the next battle.

Copying and upgrading cards:

When you have enough gold, you can copy cards at any in-game computer. When you gain a 3rd copy of a certain card, all 3 copies will merge into 1 upgraded version of the card.

Each card has 5 tiers. Once you unlocked the 5th tier, you will no longer be able to copy the card. You can still obtain 1st tier copies trough other ways in the RPG, for example by defeating the opponent that unlocked the card in the first place.

Dumping 1st tier cards:

When you collect more cards, each battle becomes longer. To prevent hour long battles, you can dump your 1st tier cards in any dumpster, as long as you have at least 12 cards left to play with. You can always pick up the dumped cards later.

Since you need 3 copies of the same 1st tier card, you might want to check the dumpster every now and then, to see if you have enough copies of the same card for an upgrade.