Chapter 0: Prequel (Part 4)

The party is fully going on when Remco and Ramona make their entrance. They know most of the guests, which is promising for the rest of the night. Ramona is still a little shocked about their encounter with officer Robin. He did not even approach the car, but the presence of weed and police was enough for Ramona to panic.

"You can't pull that stuff on me, Remco!" Ramona sits down at their favourite table, in the corner next to the dance floor. "What if I got a heart attack?"
"Yes, sis!" Remco smirks. "You are eighteen now. You're old. A heart attack is really common on your age. Maybe you should lay down!"
"You can laugh at me all you want." Ramona lifts her mask to take a sip of her beer. "One day I'll be gone and you'll be sorry you scared me like that."

Just a few meters away from their table, there is a girl staring at them. They have not noticed her, but she noticed them as soon as they came in. Her name is Maaike. She goes to the same school and even has a few classes with the twins, yet they have never spoken more than the casual "Hello" and "Can I borrow your notes."
Maaike has always liked the twins, ever since kindergarten. She wanted to be her friend ever since she was five years old. She just never had the guts to talk to them before.

Remco finishes his beer. He puts his glass on the table with a loud bang, then he pokes his sister in her side. "Come on, drink on!" he laughs. "You can do it!"
"I am trying!" Ramona is clearly annoyed, but not at her brother. "It is just impossible to drink while wearing a mask."
Remco laughs. "Yeah, I'm not so silly for not wearing a costume now, am I?"

--To be continued--