It has been a couple years now that I wanted to write a book. I had a few chapters and the people who did read it wanted me to finish it. However, making a story up and writing it down, are two different things. The biggest downside was the low number of people reading my story. Because: Who read books anymore, right? So I thought: Why not make my story into a game. I searched for the right tools on google, and I havn't been doing much else since.

The story I was originally writing, is long forgotten. A couple years ago I left the fantasy genre behind and focussed on 1 single, fictional city in a zombie apocalypse: Marterdam.

I wanted the story to have a certain absurdity level, I wanted it to be funny but still be a packing story. I wanted it to be kicking some shins as well. Just for the hack of it. So I came up with the title: Bite Me!

Bite Me! is now the main story in the game I am actively developing. The main story is written. Not like a novel, but probably more like a script. One day, I might write the whole story down one day (although I don't think I will be able to do that in 1 day), but for now, I like to share the raw materials.

Every wednesday, I will post a little bit of storyline. Just small parts per post, because I do not want to story to get past the point where the players can currently play the story in game. If I reach that point, I will be put the posts on hold, untill I releast the new chapter in the game.

(Please note: What you will read here, was not written to be shown to the public. So I don't go much into detail or pay much attention to how well it is written. I do my best with grammer and spelling, but it is certainly not higher literature.)