Chapter 0: Prequel (Part 2)

The party has just been started when Abdul and Samira arrive. He was wearing a skeleton costume and she was dressed as a vampire lady. They spend weeks preparing for this. Their goal was to win the title 'Best Costume' tonight.

The party is being held in an abandonned mansion. David had claimed this old building for himself. He doesn't live there, because that would be illegal. But according to Marterdam law, any abandonned building can be claimed for bussiness purposes, so David changed the mansion into a bar.

Not to many people are present yet.
"I told you we had time to stop for a burger first." Abdul pokes Samira with his elbow. "You just don't like me to get fat, do you?" He laughed while he took his jacket off.
"I just don't like to come in last, you know." Samira said. "All eyes are on you when you come in last. I don't like it." She gave her coat and backpack to Abdul. "I need to visit the little room. Could you check those in for me, please?"

In the back of the bar, there is a girl playing on one of the arcade machines. It is Martina. She lives next door to the twins and goes to the same school. Martina was the first person to show up tonight. She's drinking beer and playing some silly card game. Her mother would worry that she spends too much money on those arcades, but Martina knows something her mother does not: If you play your cards right, you play all night for just one quarter.

Abdul and Samira go straight to the bar.
"Hey guys." David knows them well. Abdul helped him set the bar up and Samira and he used to be a thing before she got with Abdul.
"What is up?" Abdul shakes Davids hand. "Can I have a beer for me, and a rum and diet coke for Samira?"
"Sure." David sweeps the counter with a wet rug. "That will be six guilders thirty. Find yourself a table and I'll bring it to you."
"We are good where we are." Samira says smiling. "Unless you are busy, that is."
"For you? Never." David laughs while he accepts the money from Abdul. "Thanks."
"You drink a beer on me, too." Abdul tries to be friendly, but sometimes he just couldn't stand the way Samira and David talk to each other. "Cheers, my friend."

--To be continued--