Chapter 0: Prequel (Part 1)

Remco and Ramona are getting ready for their Halloween party. Everyone will be there, but more excitingly: It will be their first Halloween as an adult. Eighteen is the magical number: Booze is suddenly legal. Weed is suddenly legal. Sex is suddenly legal! Yes, eighteen is the magical number.

"What are you going to wear?" Ramona asked, while she tried to fit in her clown costume. "You are going to dress up, are you not?"
"No, sis." Remco replied. He didn't even look up from his computer. He was about to break Ramona's high score on Mario Kart.
"Wait... Are you serious?" She dropped her mask and turned to her twin brother at the same time. "You are going to be the only one without a costume." It was as if Remco did not even hear her.
"Oh no! Almost half a second short." He dropped the controller on the carpet and turned off his console. "This is nonsense. How did you get a time like this in the first place?"

But Remco did hear her, though. And he did want to wear a costume to the party. He wanted to, but he couldn't afford it. Remco has secretly being saving up money to buy a car. And today he finally picked it up. It is nothing fancy... But it is a car. And it is all his! That is the real reason he did not respond to his sisters question. He wants her to be surprised to see him get in the car, instead of on his bike.

He can hardly wait to show her, but he has to be patient. His twin sister is taking forever to put on her costume.

--To be continued--