Chapter 0: Prequel (Part 4)

The party is fully going on when Remco and Ramona make their entrance. They know most of the guests, which is promising for the rest of the night. Ramona is still a little shocked about their encounter with officer Robin. He did not even approach the car, but the presence of weed and police was enough for Ramona to panic.

"You can't pull that stuff on me, Remco!" Ramona sits down at their favourite table, in the corner next to the dance floor. "What if I got a heart attack?"
"Yes, sis!" Remco smirks. "You are eighteen now. You're old. A heart attack is really common on your age. Maybe you should lay down!"
"You can laugh at me all you want." Ramona lifts her mask to take a sip of her beer. "One day I'll be gone and you'll be sorry you scared me like that."

Just a few meters away from their table, there is a girl staring at them. They have not noticed her, but she noticed them as soon as they came in. Her name is Maaike. She goes to the same school and even has a few classes with the twins, yet they have never spoken more than the casual "Hello" and "Can I borrow your notes."
Maaike has always liked the twins, ever since kindergarten. She wanted to be her friend ever since she was five years old. She just never had the guts to talk to them before.

Remco finishes his beer. He puts his glass on the table with a loud bang, then he pokes his sister in her side. "Come on, drink on!" he laughs. "You can do it!"
"I am trying!" Ramona is clearly annoyed, but not at her brother. "It is just impossible to drink while wearing a mask."
Remco laughs. "Yeah, I'm not so silly for not wearing a costume now, am I?"

--To be continued--

Chapter 0: Prequel (Part 3)

It is almost eleven when Remco and Ramona park the car in the parking lot next to their block. They live in a car-free block, so parking in front of their house was not an option. "So, what do you think?" Remco rubs the steering wheel. "Isn't she a beauty?" He doesn't seem to notice the crack in the mirror, the cuts in the backs of both seats and the many, many cigarette burn-holes in the back seat. "She?" Ramona laughs out loud and with joy. "It is a car. It drives, which is nice. It is big, which is also good. But it is not a woman. And it is for sure not a beauty!" Someone is lurking in the back of the parking lot. The unknown creature keeps a keen eye on the twins in the car, bur from a safe distance. Even if the twins would look straight this way, they would probably not see anyone. This person is dressed in all black and has a dark scarf in front of their face. "Are you ready to go inside?" Ramona is almost done laughing at her brother. "Or do you want a moment alone with your new girlfriend first?" "You laugh at me?" Remco can hardly hide his frustration. "You are the one in a clown costume. A rather creepy one as well." He really thought she would be proud. Or at least pleased they don't have to ride the bike to the university anymore. "Oh come on..." She finally gets herself together and stops laughing. "Listen, having a car is nice. But you can't call 'her' a beauty. You understand that, right." A police car rolls up. The twins won't even have noticed, if the cop was not shining a large, very bright light in and around the parked cars, but that is exactly what the cop is doing. "What are they looking for?" Ramona points at the cop car, as if Remco would be confused about who she is talking about. "Or... Or who!" She shakes his arm and shoulder while she yells, in a poor attempt to freak him out. "I don't know." Remco ignores his sisters Halloween spirit. "Buster probably sends Robin on some bullshit mission again." _ Remco has a point there. Buster and Robin used to be partners. Two detectives against the non-existing crime spree of Marterdam. There was never a murder to solve, or an attack to prevent. Their jobs were pointless and boring. Buster and Robin both agreed on that, but the pay was good. City hall noticed this aswell. They payed for two expensive detectives while there were no murders to solve. After a vote, city hall ordered the sheriff to reposition the detectives. They both became police officers. Three months later, the sheriff retired. The deputy was the most logical successor. When Robin found out the deputy sheriff would be promoted to sheriff, the decided to apply for deputy sheriff. It happened so fast, he went in the office an officer, and he came out a deputy. Nothing was official yet, but he pretty much get cheers and applause when he announced his candidacy. Soon everyone in the station knew: Daisy is going to be the new sheriff, and Robin would take her place as deputy. Everyone knew, except for Buster. That all happened seven years ago, but Buster is still pretty upset about it. He gets payed half as much as he did as an detective, while Robins salary has doubled. But Buster is mostly upset his partner didn't tell him he was running for deputy. _ Remco and Ramona know all this. Robin used to date their mother for years. And Buster was always wherever Robin was. "Why do you think Robin keeps riding out for those fake calls?" Ramona can't see which officer is in the car, but she just assumed it was Robin. He might be the deputy now, but if you saw a cop in patrol in Marterdam, is was pretty much always Buster. "He feels guilty, of course!" Remco grins. "He never meant to screw his buddy over. He simply didn't think about it and applied for the job in an impulse." "Oh poop! He's coming this way!" Ramona quickly puts her bag under her chair as if it contains a gun. "What are you doing?" Remco asks. He shakes his head and laughs. "You got weed in your bag or something?" "No..." Ramona seems a bit confused. "I panicked. I don't know. I guess I saw that in a movie?" "I do!" Remco opens the gloves compartment. Inside there is a little plastic seal bag with a big top of weed. Ramona screams. "Put that away, you idiot! What? Why are you laughing?" "Relax! Don't poop your pants in my car! We're eighteen now, remember. We are allowed to have weed." Remco closed the gloves box and laughs loudly. "Too bad you wear a mask... I would have loved to see your face!" --To be continued--

Chapter 0: Prequel (Part 2)

The party has just been started when Abdul and Samira arrive. He was wearing a skeleton costume and she was dressed as a vampire lady. They spend weeks preparing for this. Their goal was to win the title 'Best Costume' tonight.

The party is being held in an abandonned mansion. David had claimed this old building for himself. He doesn't live there, because that would be illegal. But according to Marterdam law, any abandonned building can be claimed for bussiness purposes, so David changed the mansion into a bar.

Not to many people are present yet.
"I told you we had time to stop for a burger first." Abdul pokes Samira with his elbow. "You just don't like me to get fat, do you?" He laughed while he took his jacket off.
"I just don't like to come in last, you know." Samira said. "All eyes are on you when you come in last. I don't like it." She gave her coat and backpack to Abdul. "I need to visit the little room. Could you check those in for me, please?"

In the back of the bar, there is a girl playing on one of the arcade machines. It is Martina. She lives next door to the twins and goes to the same school. Martina was the first person to show up tonight. She's drinking beer and playing some silly card game. Her mother would worry that she spends too much money on those arcades, but Martina knows something her mother does not: If you play your cards right, you play all night for just one quarter.

Abdul and Samira go straight to the bar.
"Hey guys." David knows them well. Abdul helped him set the bar up and Samira and he used to be a thing before she got with Abdul.
"What is up?" Abdul shakes Davids hand. "Can I have a beer for me, and a rum and diet coke for Samira?"
"Sure." David sweeps the counter with a wet rug. "That will be six guilders thirty. Find yourself a table and I'll bring it to you."
"We are good where we are." Samira says smiling. "Unless you are busy, that is."
"For you? Never." David laughs while he accepts the money from Abdul. "Thanks."
"You drink a beer on me, too." Abdul tries to be friendly, but sometimes he just couldn't stand the way Samira and David talk to each other. "Cheers, my friend."

--To be continued--

Chapter 0: Prequel (Part 1)

Remco and Ramona are getting ready for their Halloween party. Everyone will be there, but more excitingly: It will be their first Halloween as an adult. Eighteen is the magical number: Booze is suddenly legal. Weed is suddenly legal. Sex is suddenly legal! Yes, eighteen is the magical number.

"What are you going to wear?" Ramona asked, while she tried to fit in her clown costume. "You are going to dress up, are you not?"
"No, sis." Remco replied. He didn't even look up from his computer. He was about to break Ramona's high score on Mario Kart.
"Wait... Are you serious?" She dropped her mask and turned to her twin brother at the same time. "You are going to be the only one without a costume." It was as if Remco did not even hear her.
"Oh no! Almost half a second short." He dropped the controller on the carpet and turned off his console. "This is nonsense. How did you get a time like this in the first place?"

But Remco did hear her, though. And he did want to wear a costume to the party. He wanted to, but he couldn't afford it. Remco has secretly being saving up money to buy a car. And today he finally picked it up. It is nothing fancy... But it is a car. And it is all his! That is the real reason he did not respond to his sisters question. He wants her to be surprised to see him get in the car, instead of on his bike.

He can hardly wait to show her, but he has to be patient. His twin sister is taking forever to put on her costume.

--To be continued--


It has been a couple years now that I wanted to write a book. I had a few chapters and the people who did read it wanted me to finish it. However, making a story up and writing it down, are two different things. The biggest downside was the low number of people reading my story. Because: Who read books anymore, right? So I thought: Why not make my story into a game. I searched for the right tools on google, and I havn't been doing much else since.

The story I was originally writing, is long forgotten. A couple years ago I left the fantasy genre behind and focussed on 1 single, fictional city in a zombie apocalypse: Marterdam.

I wanted the story to have a certain absurdity level, I wanted it to be funny but still be a packing story. I wanted it to be kicking some shins as well. Just for the hack of it. So I came up with the title: Bite Me!

Bite Me! is now the main story in the game I am actively developing. The main story is written. Not like a novel, but probably more like a script. One day, I might write the whole story down one day (although I don't think I will be able to do that in 1 day), but for now, I like to share the raw materials.

Every wednesday, I will post a little bit of storyline. Just small parts per post, because I do not want to story to get past the point where the players can currently play the story in game. If I reach that point, I will be put the posts on hold, untill I releast the new chapter in the game.

(Please note: What you will read here, was not written to be shown to the public. So I don't go much into detail or pay much attention to how well it is written. I do my best with grammer and spelling, but it is certainly not higher literature.)